Forklift Training

osha Compliance Safety Training

All Makes & Models • English & Spanish Instruction
Proper lift truck training can reduce accidents by 70%

O  PERATOR TRAINING: Complete Training/Instruction • Counter Balance • Sit Down • Reach Trucks • Walkie and Rider • Pallet Jacks • Order Pickers • Electric, Gas, Diesel, and LP Lift Trucks • Rough Terrain • Aerial Work Platforms

Are your employees required to have a license to operate a lift truck?

Attend a formal OSHA certified lift truck operator training class to receive the answer.

• How often should a lift truck be inspected?
• How much does your lift truck weigh when sitting empty?
• Do you know what can happen when the lift truck’s center of gravity moves outside its stability triangle?
• How often should lift truck operators be trained?
Do you want to educate your operators in all areas of safety training?
After taking an Operator Safety Training Course, operators will know:
• The characteristics of a professional operator
• How to identify key components and their functions
• The information contained on vehicle capacity plates and how they affect vehicle operation
• Safe operating procedures when traveling, handling loads and working in aisles
• The appropriate action in case of a tip over
• How to perform a preoperational walkaround inspection
• The importance of studying the lift truck’s operator manual

We bring the training directly to you and your associates, saving you time and more importantly, money.

Just a few of the benefits of our Fork Lift Operator Safety Training Course:
• We come to your operation at no extra charge
• Your facility and equipment is used so you can have more employees participate in the training program and not have to shut your operation down.
• Your employees will feel more at ease and will be able to retain more of the training if they are in a familiar territory.
• All trainers are certified by the state and by Caterpillar/Mitsubishi
• Our training class includes on-site and equipment-specific training and observations.