2) Better Irrigation Practices-Conservation of water in the agricultural sector is essential since water is necessary for the growth of plants and crops. Principles & Practices for the Sustainable Water Management- Version 2010 5/16 1.2 Integrated crop management2 WSF2. As children grow up, they need to be taught how to take care of the environment. This change includes making improvements to irrigation systems, cultivating crops suited to the soil type and environment, and implementing best practices to avoid water pollution. Various components in the conservation agriculture practices could be identified and also classified between those done in the beginning (usually adopted at the started), then the second level of transition practices and the final stage practices. Monoculture, a widespread practice in many developing countries, is the primary cause of increased super-weeds and poor soil which results in decreased productivity. There is a large variety of traditional and modern soil and crop management practices for water conservation (runoff control, improvement of soil infiltration rate, increase soil water capacity, control of soil water evaporation) and erosion control in agriculture, some of which apply also for weed control (Pereira et al., 2002). This Sustainable Agriculture Techniques bulletin describes ways to use less water such as improving irrigation efficiency and using conservation tillage practices. Sustainable agriculture is a system of farming designed to balance environmental and economic concerns. Information on natural ways of pest control need to be provided to farmers and the general public as well. NRCS Irrigation Page USDA . Farmers should be encouraged to adopt sustainable agricultural practices that are friendly to the environment. Crop diversity and rotation. Agriculture must adapt and become much more efficient in order to minimize water use, to prevent wasteful water practices, and to stem further pollution. Sustainable Agriculture Grants Program. Agriculture in the U.S. Midwest is dominated by two crops—corn and soybeans—grown continuously or in simple rotation, a trend that may have worsened in recent years.The most important change we could make to move toward a healthy, sustainable food system would be to grow and rotate a variety of crops including wheat, oats, alfalfa and other legumes, … Knowledge is power, and OpTIS will help to empower a wide range of stakeholders with vital data to help improve farmers’ productivity, safeguard our water and lands and ensure a sustainable … 1) Rotating Crops. A depleting water table and a rise Planting different varieties of crops can be quite beneficial to your farm. Academic researchers use spatial information on conservation practices for modeling water quality and the carbon cycle. Sustainable agriculture mainly focuses on increasing the productivity of the soil and reducing the harmful effects of agricultural practices on climate, soil, water, environment and human health. Use conservation agriculture techniques to minimise the delivery and transport of agriculturally derived To control diffuse pollution conduct conservation practices to … What Are the Different Sustainable Agriculture Practices? 1.1. Adoption of sustainable agricultural practices. In the report, they also provide some background on these sustainable agricultural practices and the potential benefits: Conservation Agriculture A suite of management processes that reduce soil disturbance through minimum tillage, maintenance of crop … Encourage Sustainable Agriculture. Reduces the use of non-renewable sources and inputs from petroleum-based products and uses renewable resources to generate production.

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