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Forklifts & Aerial Work Platforms (High quality training, based in Miami and able to travel anywhere)
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W  e provide World Class Health Safety Training & Environmental Consulting to Forklift & Aerial Work Platform operators in Industrial Operations, Cruise Ships,Shipyards, and Ports, as well as a wide range of materials that help keep your operations, assets and people safe and sound in the Industrial and Marine industries. We provide expert consulting and training solutions to help clients shape and implement their strategic vision in workplace safety, as well as reduce injury rates in Shipbuilding, Repair and Industrial Companies.

Deck Management :
•  Stability
•  Crew Training Cards
•  Safety Planning
•  Security
•  Ship’s Documents
•  Steel Plate residual thickness, methods and measure tools
•  Cathodic protection
•  Separators and bilge water discharge
•  Record Management Program
•  DD Ship’s Hull Painting
•  Hyper Chlorination
•  Fresh Water Management
•  Breathable Air Testing
•  Waste Management program
•  Safer workplaces, safer passengers and employees.
•  Cost saving through reduced injuries, corporate and personal liabilities.
•  Building the relationship among leadership.
• PPE and Chemicals

•  USPH 1 for all crew
•  USPH 2 Generic for all personnel involved in the food chain
•  USPH 2.0 Cleaners
•  USPH 2.1 Restaurant
•  USPH 2.2 Galley
•  USPH 2.3 Store
•  USPH 3 Room Stewards
•  Work Aloft, particular reference to the risk of bloodclots
•  Insect protection
•  Safe drinking